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  • Learn to Draw Ellie

    Ellie loves art!  Let Ellie help you learn to draw.…

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  • Help Ellie Find Her Bone

    Ellie has lost her bone and needs your help!  See if you can follow the right path to help her find it.  Treats for everyone at the end of the trail!…

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  • Retell the Story Instructions and Cover Page

    Help Ellie Retell Her Story

    Help Ellie retell her story. Are you a good listener?  Show how well you paid attention to Ellie's adventure by helping us retrace her steps.  Tell the story to a family member or friend who might not have read "It's Hard to be Good." This game is great for harnessing the skill of paying attention to the details of what you read.  Have Fun! Ellie the Wienerdog    …

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  • Ellie the Wienerdog Synonym Game

    Help Ellie Match the Words

    This is the Syn-o-nym Game. A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word.  Play the Word Match Game to see how many synonyms you can match up!  Have Fun Learning! Ellie the Wienerdog  …

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  • Test Your Memory Game Cover Page

    Memory Card Game

    How Good is Your Memory? This is a super fun game to test and improve your memory!  Play with your friends and see who can get all the cards matched first!  Have Fun Learning! Ellie the Wienerdog…

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