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Open Door Press is a publishing company dedicated to children and the magic that comes from a beloved book.

Our muse, Ellie the Wienerdog, has inspired the Life’s Little Lessons children’s book series.  The series begins with Lesson #1, “It’s Hard to be Good.”  The book is laugh-out-loud fun for you and your child. As such, it also serves as an educational resource when combined with the accompanying, in-depth Teacher’s Guide. 

Ellie’s second adventure in the Life’s Little Lessons series, “It’s Hard to Swim” was published in June 2017.  This book was again written with rhyming humor that is guaranteed to entertain young and old alike. It also delivers another valuable life lesson.  An accompanying Teacher’s Guide is currently in development for this book as well.

In order to offer our customers the perfect, creative, but educational gift giving experience, special versions of the books are available. Fans can choose to purchase “pawtographed” (signed by Ellie), author signed and personalized copies of each book when ordered directly from our website store.

To complete the Ellie the Wienerdog gift experience, we also offer adorable Ellie accessories like the super soft Ellie plush stuffed animal. Soon to be available are Ellie pencils and pencil cases which are the latest addition to our ever expanding Ellie the Wienerdog collectibles.

Please visit us often to find new, downloadable fun, teaching tools, creative resources and Ellie the Wienerdog goodies.  Thank you for visiting!

About Kim Hales, Publisher and Author

Author KJ Hales and her

Kim Hales is an award-winning photographer, artist and writer who found inspiration in her wienerdog, Ellie. Because she has always believed in the power and magic of a good book, Kim dedicated herself to writing stories for children. She ended up building a publishing company that would celebrate books for the young and the young at heart.

Kim lives in southern California with her husband, her muse, Ellie the Wienerdog and Ellie’s little sisters, Ruby and Pepper.

About Serene Wyatt, Illustrator

Serene Wyatt illustrator

Serene Wyatt was born and raised in Michigan and has always been passionate about art and animals. In 2008, she attended the College for Creative studies in Detroit to receive her bachelors degree in fine art and animation.

She later went on to open her own studio that specializes in freelance illustration and character animation. She is the artist who has helped bring Ellie the Wienerdog to life.